I wrote this song around 5 years ago, in a Hotel room in Hungary.

Back then I was a London club promoter. My new boyfriend and I were about to embark on our first summer of festivals together. We had tickets booked for Ozora – a Psy Trance festival in hungary, Secret Garden Party and Sunrise Festival.

Sunrise Festival was cancelled due to bad weather so at the last minute we decided to jump in the back of our friends van and join him on the drive up to Stonehenge to watch the sun rise for Summer Solstice. We pitched up at a campsite nearby then headed over to join the merry crowds. I have a photo of us sitting under a tarpolin sheltering from the rain, big smiles all around. It was so much fun.

Around 6 weeks later we realised a seed of change had blown in on the wind that night as a little line appeared on a little stick and everything as we knew it changed!


We had wanted to keep it under wraps until our first 3 month scan however attempting to still go to Ozora festival in Hungary with a ridiculously tiny tent, my sense of smell on full alert and the abhorrent smells one finds at a festival, plus the need to wee every hour and a nice big fat dollop of hormones lead us to pull the emergency chord and ABORT! ABORT! In the middle of the first night.

My boyfriend (now Hubby!) managed to get us to the hotel our group all planned to stay at after the festival and we had an extra few days there instead.

Anyone who has been pregnant will know there’s a fair bit of waking up in the middle of the night, and sometimes it can be quite hard to get back to sleep.

So, in a hotel in Hungary, secretly pregnant, very overwhelmed by the whole magnitude of the situation, excited, terrified… very awake in the middle of the night… I sat up in bed and I wrote this song. I added the last verse after the birth of our beautiful Son.

Since then I have left my old career behind, we have moved house three times and settled in a place we know is home. We’ve birthed a second Son, we’ve married each other….we’ve been busy! And so whilst I have played this song many times at live performances at different venues, it’s taken me around 5 years to get it recorded and properly finished.

And yet it still feels as important and timely now as it did when I first wrote it.

I’m so happy with the way things have turned out, it hasn’t been an easy journey but I wouldn’t change my life now for the world!


With thanks to:

Kait Farbon aka “one take Kait” for adding her beautiful harmonised violin parts

Charlie Pyne for squeezing her Double Bass into a basement studio and adding such depth (

Inty Paul for recording all the parts for me in his spare time

Andy Young for Mastering (

Becky Dell ( and Dafydd James for performing this song live with me so many times 🙂 xxx



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