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To listen and find out more about the story behind each song, you can use the links below:

Dream Come True (Gary Fry Remix) ~ Gary adds his sparkle to bring out my ideas

Breathe ~ Written in the middle of the night while secretly pregnant, in a hotel room in Hungary

My Friend Shelley ~ In loving memory of my friend Shelley

Less is More ~ a song which became my personal mantra

eQo Remixes ~ the very talented eQo puts his chilled electronica spin on my songs

Angel Song ~ my very first EP, released July 2010


A little bit about my musical side…

I was born into a musical family and sang onstage with my Mum – a talented and vivacious singer – from a very young age. My Nan Jean a singer who won every talent contest she entered, my Uncle Rusty Egan a member of well known Visage (Fade To Grey), Uncle Paul a musician and comedian, Uncle Martin a singer songwriter, Nan Bernie a keyboard player and singer and Grandad John playing sax, flute and clarinet!

At school I had singing and piano lessons, got stuck into the choir and played flute in the school orchestra where we had fun touring other schools and playing Christmas Concerts at the local shopping centre.  Highlight was when our music teacher exchanged with an exciting American teacher, for his first lesson he had us analysing Metallica, we loved him!

When I was 21 my Mum who (behind the huge smiles) was very depressed, took her own life. It was tragic and a shock which sent me into a strange state of emotionless functionality.

At her funeral ‘after party’ my Sister and I got up and sang our hearts out, backed by musicians Mum had worked with over the years. When we’d finished, I put the microphone down, walked off stage and shut my musical door. I simply could not sing from that day.

So I spent a decade co-founding and running a party called Planet Angel which became a great success, filled with talented, creative people, a positive space where people could follow their dreams of becoming a performer and truly shine!

Seven years after Mum died I started to feel the urge to sing again. It became pretty strong, I wanted to exercise a part of my soul that really needed to be free.

I picked up the guitar for the first time. I learnt a few chords, learnt a few songs.  I began writing my own songs  – positive, beautiful songs full of emotion and honesty which lead me step by step through the process of unlocking my musical door, finding my voice and forming relationships with other talented musicians who accompanied me.

Together we played all around London at various venues and festivals including the famous Troubadour in Earls Court , the Original Songwriters Club in Bethnal Green, Spitafields City Farm Strawberry Fayre, Chilled in a field festival, The Elysian Project indoor festival, Small World festival and indoor party, supported headline acts and other folk nights around London.

My sound evolved from delicate vocals against simple strings, to a bit more gutsy and sassy. Now I perform a moving set that gathers the audience in… each song telling its own beautiful and melodic story filled with the emotions of bereavement, a reignited love for making music and a new positive, stronger and more uplifting dawn.


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