angel-weddingWelcome to my new site.

A journal for my discoveries, revelations, inspirations and musings…

…as a singer songwriter occasionally performing live and recording the songs I have lovingly crafted.

… as a parent learning new positive ways of bonding, connecting, disciplining and guiding.

… as a mature student studying Childhood and learning to see the world through the eyes of a child.




  1. Hi Angel,

    You sound like one…although I’ve never met one.

    You sound fantastic! I am a singer/songwriter from the Netherlands, live in California a long time and currently residing in Bourgogne. A wonderful place for people who are 80% dead. Really wish to connect with musicians/performers in southern England, especially forming a duo, preferably a female. I am into originals of course, but also very much into the 60’s and like a wide variety of one hit wonders as well. A 60’s show would be great as well.
    I play guitar, but am by no means a Jeff Beck or E.C.
    Much acoustic/electric. I also like doing background vocals, studio work in general.
    I am a parent also: one son, 22 almost. So I can appreciate where you’re at in life.
    Would you plz be in touch? even if it’s to say that you’ve no interest.

    Many thanx, till soon;

    Joh Ziezo.


    • Hi Joh, is great to hear from you. At the moment I am completely tied up with university, my boys and performing my original music so I couldn’t take on another project right now, thanks for your message though and I wish you the best of luck with it. Sorry for the long delay in replying I have not received notifications and didn’t know you had been in touch until now!


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